We are two doctors who are passionate about mentoring and giving young people a chance to learn more about their career options, including medicine, research, dentistry, optometry, and other professions into which it can be challenging to obtain admission. We connect students who are interested in medicine with medical students and residents.

Our vision is to create a pan-Canadian network of medical students and residents across all universities. This will provide students interested in medical schools with an unparalleled opportunity to get an edge when it comes to admissions, applications, and interviews. Our aim is to provide Comprehensive and Affordable services for students interested in medical school applications and interviews.Here are some of the services we provide:

- Identify which Canadian and U.S. Medical Schools you can apply to using our Innovative Tool. We are the only company to offer a complimentary detailed report on schools you can apply to based on your GPA, MCAT, and prerequisites!

- Our Complimentary 15-Minute Consultation with a medical student or resident is ideal for student with any questions or uncertainties about medical school admissions or interviews. Some of the questions we get include: "What major should I pursue if I am interested in applying to a medical school?", "How should I prepare for the MCAT?", "How should I approach extra-curricular activities?", "Should I do research?", and more.

- We also offer a Comprehensive Application Review - an affordable way to get your application critiqued by medical students and residents who can provide you with great insights into medical school admissions.

- Our Signature Mock Multiple Mini Interview. We are the first company to offer a completely virtual group-based mock MMI using a state of the art powerful video-conferencing platform. This service provides students with an experience that is close to the real thing with 8 stations representing ethics-based scenarios, debates, healthy policy, acting, as well as personal-based interview stations.

- Our clients choose mentors from over 35  medical students and residents. We are the only company that provides a completely transparent and seamless process to book with the mentors that fit their specific needs

- Other services include: Next Steps Consult, Personal Statement Editing, Secondary Application Review for AMCAS, and more. 

- Our blog How to get into medical school covers everything related to medical school admissions!

AJ Kadhim and John Vlassov
admin@vivomentor.com, 613-878-5428
AJ attended the University of Ottawa Medical School. He is currently attending the University of Toronto Family Medicine Residency program. He loves traveling. Last year, he went to the ​T​our du Mont Blanc, which was about ​160 km around the borders of France, Switzerland, and Italy. John also attended University of Ottawa Medical School and is currently attending Family Medicine Residency training at the University of Toronto. He is passionate about mentoring, wellness, and the performing arts!
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"The service is great and more affordable than most others. I was recommended to Vivo Mentor by a friend and would definitely recommend it to you!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I cannot begin to thank John for helping out with a Mock Interview session! He truly went above and beyond expectations. My situation was pretty extreme where I had less than 24 hours to prepare for an interview as I was pulled off the candidate Wait-list. He told me everything I needed to know and prepared me for the high yield questions that commonly appear in interviews. Overall, my interview went smoothly and I would have booked even more appointments if time allowed me to! I HIGHLY recommend their services. Great people with a wide range of experience!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Great simulation of the MMI. It is much more affordable compared to other services out there. The personalized summary report was received promptly and offered insightful details and feedback. The most valuable component for me was seeing how I performed in relation to other applicants."
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