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AJ will be happy to answer your questions regarding admissions or do a mock interview of any type. He has experience with traditional interview, MMI and MPI.

  • Talk to AJ one-on-one to learn more about medicine
  • Gain valuable lessons about the application process - Expert on uOttawa and McMaster Medical Schools
  • Practice for your medical school interview: 40-minute mock interview followed by 20-minute personalized feedback!
Languages: English, Arabic

Undergraduate degree: McMaster (Health Sciences)

Master's degree: Queen's University in Epidemiology 

Interviewed at the following medical schools:
uOttawa, McMaster, Dalhousie, and Toronto 

Accepted at the following medical schools:
uOttawa, McMaster, Dalhousie (Waitlisted)

Medical school: uOttawa

Residency: University of Toronto in Family Medicine

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