Our vision is to create a pan-Canadian network of medical students and residents across all universities. This will provide students interested in medical schools with an unparalleled opportunity to get an edge when it comes to admissions, applications, and interviews.

You can start off with our Complimentary 15-Minute Consultation with a medical student or resident. This consultation is ideal if you have any questions or uncertainties about medical school admissions or interviews. Some of the questions we get include: "What major should I pursue if I am interested in applying to a medical school?", "How should I prepare for the MCAT?", "How should I approach extra-curricular activities?", "Should I do research?", and more. Our medical students and residents can provide you with general advice regarding any of those questions, so take full advantage of that!

You can also find out which Canadian and U.S. Medical Schools you can apply to using our Innovative Tool. We are the only company to offer a complimentary detailed report on schools you can apply to based on your GPA, MCAT, and prerequisites!

We also offer a Comprehensive Application Review. There are a number of mistakes applicants commit that can really hurt their chances. Many applicants are unaware of gaps in their applications. It is very difficult to be unbiased when assessing your own application. This is why it is crucial to have a third party provide you with an objective assessment, so that you can improve your chances. We are really proud to offer an affordable way to get your application critiqued by medical students and residents who can provide you with great insights into medical school admissions.

We provide a highly efficient, comprehensive, and detailed Next Steps Consultation. This service is ideal for students who have applied and unfortunately were not able to get accepted. Our medical students and residents have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help guide you on what can you do to turn things around for the next application cycle. We provide you with an excellent and detailed strategy on issues that could have negatively impacted your chances. We first start off with a survey on your current status (e.g. your GPA, MCAT, year of study, et cetera). We then focus on 1-2 key areas that are high yield for your case. For example, if we determine that your GPA is low, we provide advice on how to move forward, what options you have to boost the GPA, where can you apply, etcetera. We then develop a 6-month timeline with detailed plan on the next steps.

Finally, we offer our Signature Mock Multiple Mini Interview. We are the first company to offer a completely virtual group-based mock MMI using a state of the art powerful video-conferencing platform. This service provides you with an experience that is close to the real thing with 8 stations representing ethics-based scenarios, debates, healthy policy, acting, as well as personal-based interview stations.

You can also book directly with one of our many medical students and residents