Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

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  • Simulate a mock MMI that is similar to the real interview
  • We are the ONLY company that offers a completely virtual Group MMI using an innovative and powerful video-conferencing platform
  • This is the MOST AFFORDABLE mock interview you will get. Savings of over 64% compared to competition. We care about students, not profits.
  • This is the BEST way to practice. Objective feedback by multiple medical students and residents
  • Unique, personalized, and realistic simulation
  • Eight stations, including ethics-based scenario, acting station (e.g. breaking bad news), debate, and traditional-type stations
  • You will rotate through the stations and get assessed by multiple medical students and residents
  • With each station, you will see a prompt displayed for 2 minutes. A moderator will be available to guide you along the stations
  • Practice and receive personalized feedback, including an objective score using standardized criteria and a percentile
  • BONUS: After the session, you will receive a written report with additional areas to work on and recommended resources

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