About Us

We are two doctors who are passionate about mentoring and giving young people a chance to learn more about their career options, including medicine, research, dentistry, optometry, and other professions into which it can be challenging to obtain admission. We connect students who are interested in medicine with medical students and residents.

This is the best way to learn more about a profession and find insights on how to prepare for it!

John Vlassov & AJ Kadhim 

We are growing and always trying to improve. 

Our Administrative Manager is Criselda Dawal: criselda@vivomentor.com

Administrative Manger with Vivo Mentor - Medical School Applications

Our Social Media Manager is Kimberly Aglipay, a Toronto-Based writer with a background in Journalism. She is passionate about social media, digital marketing, and branding.  

Social Media Manger with Vivo Mentor - Medical Schools Applications and Interviews