Why Every Start-up Needs a Business Mentor

Why Every Start-up Needs a Business Mentor?

Why every start-up needs a business mentor? In life, everyone has at least one person—friends or families they run to for advice, counsel and help. It is because they can empathetically relate with you and proffer solutions.

After all, they have been there and have more experience. This applies to all areas of life.

There is no starting up any form of business without seeking advice from an experienced hand in your business field. Now to answer the big question —Why Every Startup Needs a Mentor?

Why Every Start-up Needs a Business Mentor?

In simple terms, a mentor is an adviser. A business mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser who takes up the sole responsibility of training and guiding you—an inexperienced, who is called a mentee in an area of specialization with the sole aim to foster your career development and success.

Prior to when a child begins to walk, he must first crawl. However, he needs the support and supervision of a parent to avoid bruises and injuries in the process.

Likewise, in the business world, a mentor acts as a parent to a particular individual to provide the necessary guidance, personal support and encouragement needed to avoid bruises and injuries in the long run.

Without further Ado, let’s get into it.
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•Success is Guaranteed

Experience is a costly asset, which is crucial to the success of every business. Most people think they can gain this experience from only books. But in fact, there is only so much one can gain from gathering experience in a book.

A business mentor is someone you will be able to connect with. They will expose you to the world of business and explain explicitly how to attain success and avoid unseen mistakes because “they’ve been there and done that.”

In a 2013 executive coaching surgery, 80 percent of CEOs said they received some form of mentorship. This point has established that a mentor is a prerequisite for a business startup. It is only safe to seek advice from one before venturing into a business.

•Expansion of Network Opportunities

Having an experienced business mentor equals having vast network opportunities. A business mentor, who is already interested in your growth, would also want to introduce you to a network of people who can invest in your business. Because he is interested in your success, he will link you with people you can sell out your business and access elusive information.

The more you network, the more people you meet, the more people can invest, the larger your network and business grow. You obviously can’t get this kind of opportunity without having a business mentor, or can you?

•Confident, Trusted and Long Relationship is Established

A business mentor does more than worry about your financial life but also personal development. He is also concerned about your emotional, mental, social and every other aspect of your life. A mentor knows how to give words of encouragement when you procure a loss because he has been there. He will proffer solutions to help you get back on track.

He makes it a constant reminder to reassure you that you would be successful. This helps to boost the confidence of an entrepreneur. A mentor also creates a safe space where you can talk about your worries knowing there would always be a solution. With all of these, you’ll be surprised to see how your mentor can also become your friend.

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•Increased Emotional Quotient

The human brain is known to make hasty and unreasonable decisions when under pressure, how much more when dealing with money. A business mentor would make sure your emotions are well in check at all times.

They will make it a top priority to control your decisions without acting irrationally and based on emotions. You will be guided on how to respond in any situation you find yourself in.

•To Ensure Commitment

Research shows that accountability fosters commitment. Since it is productive to start up a business, it requires a lot of responsibility and commitment to yield results, which most people don’t have. Thus, making most businesses fail.

A mentor’s job is to oversee that you remain committed to your business to reach your proposed goal, which could be on a short-term or a long-term basis. Being accountable to someone keeps your commitment intact.

As you can see, there are more advantages to having a business mentor. They have experienced the highs and lows of running a business. You can have frank, open discussions with no pressure and no vested interest at stake. Every entrepreneur should have one and be sure to run at a very low or non-existent risk.

How to Find A Mentor Video

From the video: Instead of asking yourself, how do you find a mentor, I believe your mentor actually finds you. That most people they think of, doesn’t matter where you’re starting, that you think, well, I wanna be successful, I wanna make more money, I wanna have… Whatever goals that you have, instead of approaching your potential mentors as a, oh, you are successful, you should help me, poor little me.

Don’t approach it like that. Approach as, how can you add value to their lives. Always give first, before you ask anything in return. So when looking for a mentor, let’s say we take you out of the picture, how do you know if they aren’t in this just to to be a guru and sell you stuff or if they’re actually are able to help you? – You don’t, you don’t.

How do you know when you go on a date that that’s gonna be the one? You just don’t know, but you will find out pretty quickly. You will find out pretty quickly. You look at their stuff, you connect with them. Are they being helpful?

Are they actually helping you, right? And you can see, well, you know, yeah, it is helpful. Then you know it could be a continued relationship. The good thing about this type of relationship versus like a marriage, it doesn’t work, you can stop anytime. You can stop calling them, you can stop asking them questions.

Why Every Start-up Needs a Business Mentor?

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I am a business mentor and the founder of Vivo Mentor. Vivo Mentor was started to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. My focus is on sharing strategic planning, marketing, sales and management strategies. It's my job to help you find the best strategies for your company so that it can flourish and reach its full potential!

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