Do Business Reputation Management Tools Help?

Do Business Reputation Management Tools Help?

Have you ever wondered how to take control of your reputation? Imagine being able to follow what people say about you or your business 24/7 and all 365 days in a year.

Sounds like a pipe dream, right? Not at all! That is exactly what business reputation management tools are designed to do. They can help you put out a fire before it even starts smoking.

You’ll be able to track and intercept what people are saying about your brand or business before it goes viral. Reputation Management tools are designed to keep you in the know at all times. Taking control of your destiny, aka your reputation, has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the reputation management tools available today.

Social media has changed the way the world values reputations and allows people to say whatever they want, regardless if true or not, and destroy companies and brands, along with their reputations. It’s actually quite insane how easy it is for somebody to start a negative post on social media that becomes viral overnight.

Many brands have been victims of damaging misinformation or brand targeting that didn’t know they were the target. Sometimes it takes a financial hit to realize that something happened without your knowledge. That’s probably the worst feeling in the world, to see your good name or company go down the tunes without any warning.

But maybe there were warnings, and the business or brand just didn’t have control over their reputation at the time. Unfortunately, many people, including plenty of companies, underestimate the power of reputation. Unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos, you probably don’t have the means to hire the biggest PR firms out there to protect your reputation.

Ever notice how fast those big dogs are to gain control over negative publicity? Sometimes we learn of the event by merely watching the PR firm handle to situation. Sure, a little damage might be done, but their reputation rarely takes a hit if handled correctly. You could have the same insurance if you started utilizing a reputation management tool.

What Do Business Reputation Management Tools Focus On?

In the most straightforward answer, it mainly focuses on your online presence. Although you can’t control what people think, you can control what they can see online. Always remember, perception is everything. Nowadays, the majority of communications are happening online via social media or other types of online outlets.

This means that people use online outlets to express their feelings, good or bad, about anything they desire. This is often how reputations get compromised, or at the very worst, they get destroyed. Studies have revealed that this year alone, more than three billion people will be using social media in one way or another.

It’s been reported that the average user is online between 142 to 220 minutes per day browsing or searching for topics of interest. This just gives you an example of how powerful the internet has become and how people use it to share information. That info shared could be about your brand or business, and you need to know about it to take control over it.

Reputation management tools like RepWarn focus on helping their customers protect their reputations daily. They provide you with the means to find and follow threads targeting your name, brand, or business. When you look at the online world’s perception, you realize that the main focus should not be on individual mindsets and how to change people’s opinions.

Instead, it should be on how to take control of your online presence and reputation. This is where the reputation management tools come into action; they sift through all the comments and threads to find the fires so you can easily divert the attention to a positive instead of the negative that the thread was built upon.

Knowing what people are saying is one of the most powerful tools a business or brand can have in its toolbox. When you use reputation management as a tool to gain control over your reputation, you’re essentially putting your mind to rest. You won’t need to spend countless hours wondering what’s happening to your business because you’ll already know exactly what people are talking about when it comes to your reputation.

You can also use reputation management tools to keep an eye on what is trending with your competitors and put a business plan into action to benefit from the same trends!

About the Author: Brian Morten

I am a business mentor and the founder of Vivo Mentor. Vivo Mentor was started to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. My focus is on sharing strategic planning, marketing, sales and management strategies. It's my job to help you find the best strategies for your company so that it can flourish and reach its full potential!

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