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4 Ways Business Mentoring Creates a Lasting Difference

Like every other mentor, business mentors mentor people, their mentees, in the business landscape.

In our everyday life, people need a guide, usually, someone with the knowledge they seek or with the experience they lack to help them with a guide on how to scale problems and advance towards unchartered territories.

An individual who wakes up one morning and decides to start up a business without a piece of advice from an experienced person in that field or a field related to the business market is expected to meet hiccups. Failure of the said business won’t be a surprise to anyone.

For this and many more reasons, business mentors are needed to offer help and advice to those who need them not only in business but in every area of our lives. There are various ways business mentors create a lasting difference in the business world, and we look at a few of them.

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Why Business Mentoring Makes a Difference?

1. Safe Net for a Successful Business

Without business mentors to show what needs to be done to those who are starting up, there are high chances that most businesses would have folded up or failed on launch.

Business mentors, like every other mentor, helps to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of every person who wants to start up a business. Most times, people say an individual should be able to tell his strength and weakness based on the assumption that they should know who they are.

However, most times, it isn’t so. We need the mirror of the outside that reflects at us of our strengths and weakness. By showing us what our strengths and weaknesses are, we could act upon them to enable us know what kind of venture our personality would allow us to take.

Apart from what is said above, business mentors could teach us the ropes of the business that we intend to venture into. This way, our success by a certain degree is already guaranteed as we would have the backing and support of someone in the know of that business.

2. Source of Motivation

Business mentors are mostly experienced in the world and life of a business. As the case would be, they have passed through most of the setbacks that new incomers would be likely to face. Because of how new to the world of business they might be, there could be and would be the temptation to do away with everything and quit.

Most of the time, these mentors are ready to listen and help solve challenges that may arise. The mentors are ready to share valuable tips to help the mentee pull themselves together and face what is ahead of them.

Without the difference made by business mentors by the inspiration that they give to their mentees, a lot of business wouldn’t be where they are today or, in a worst-case scenario, won’t be existent.

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3. They Help Bring Organization and Structure

Business mentors help bring organization and structure to the business world by guiding mentees on what appropriate way of conducting business is allowed and permissible under the law. Most business mentors stress the legality of every business enterprise.

Although many startup business founders have an idea of what it is they want and plan on starting, most of the time, this plan isn’t scalable in reality but only fashionable on paper. With the help of a mentor, they can tweak this idea and bring a structure to it.

For this, and many other reasons why most startup business founders always go through a mentorship program, where they get mentored by veterans in the business about the do’s and the don’t to be a successful and well-structured business.

4. Profitability

Most business ventures wouldn’t be profitable if it weren’t for business mentors who help and advice their mentee on how to solve the profitability that every new venture or an already existing venture face.
Although many businesses run on very grounded and solid ideas, most of them are only a few weeks or months from bankruptcy.

With the help of these mentors, mentees can turn around the situation of their business from the advice that would be gotten from them because of the experience that these mentors have already had doing business. They would know what and where to tweak or bring about a change that would put the business in profit.

About the Author: Brian Morten

I am a business mentor and the founder of Vivo Mentor. Vivo Mentor was started to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. My focus is on sharing strategic planning, marketing, sales and management strategies. It's my job to help you find the best strategies for your company so that it can flourish and reach its full potential!

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