What is the Best Time to Send Marketing Emails?

What is the Best Time to Send Marketing Emails?

Ever wonder when is the best time to send marketing emails? This is a crucial component of a successful email marketing campaign. It’s important to remember that email marketing is an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. If you already have a large list of subscribers, even a slight increase in open rates can lead to more sales.

What is the best time to send out email newsletters? What about when is the best time to send marketing emails? For data-driven answers to your most pressing time-based email marketing questions, read on.

When are the Best Times to Send Marketing Emails?

Experian marketing services found that Tuesday is the best day to send marketing emails. Mailchimp, a popular email software, supports this information, stating that Thursday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are the best days.

It is possible that people are too busy with Monday tasks to pay attention to email outreach. They’re usually more focused on Friday than your marketing emails. They’re also too busy with their lives to pay attention to work-related emails on weekends.

Overall, Tuesdays to Thursdays have an average 10-20% increase in open rates compared to Mondays and Fridays, as well as a 250% increase in open rates compared to Saturdays or Sundays.

Best Times to Send Newsletters

Email newsletters differ from other marketing emails in that they keep your audience informed about the latest news, products, and sales.

According to research, people want to be updated by companies and brands that they value. This could happen as often as twice per week.

Similar to general marketing emails, newsletters also get the highest open rates Tuesdays through Fridays. If your company is a lifestyle brand or sports-based, weekends might not be a bad option. People want to keep up with their favorite news and events when they aren’t at work.

It’s best to send emails no more than per week or less often than per month. Sending emails more than this can result in people being turned away and can lead to your brand message losing momentum. You can send emails to the top open rates days and track results to determine which day is best.

What is the Best Time to Send Marketing Emails?

You are only halfway to choosing the right day to send marketing emails or newsletters. It is also important to determine the best time of day to communicate your message.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to send emails to people during transition times. This will give you the greatest opportunity to optimize open rates. Many people use transition times to check their messages and phones.

Your email will be received right before they go on a break, get to work or leave for the day. This is a great opportunity to spark their interest.

Here are some tips to help you match your email marketing time to the day you choose.

Is Monday the best time to send marketing emails?

Mondays can be a challenge because people spend a lot of their Monday mornings simply reviewing all the tasks they have accumulated over the week. You might be able to reach people at 8 AM before they start to think about their day’s priorities. Even if they are busy, they may open your email first thing in the morning and think about it throughout the day.

Another time to send emails is Mondays @ 11 AM because people might need a break before they transition to lunch. Your email message can provide that mental break to your audience.

Is Tuesday the best time to send marketing emails?

The best thing about Tuesdays is that it is the highest day of email marketing open rate – regardless of which study you consult – so it’s difficult to choose the wrong time of the day. People are done with Monday’s rush work by Tuesday and can take a little more time to choose the direction they want to go with their workdays.

Data does indicate, however, that the optimal times to send emails on Tuesdays are still during regular business hours (9 AM-5 PM).  Email marketing is less effective when people are distracted from work and their hobbies.

Is Wednesday the best time to send marketing emails?

Wednesday seems to be a day that breaks the rule of emailing during business hours for the best results. It could be that people are more open to exploring new offers during the middle of the week than they are at the beginning of the work week. Wednesday emails can be used as early as 6AM and as late as 8PM.

Is Thursday the best time to send marketing emails?

Thursday is the best day to send . It’s between 8 and 9 AM. This data comes directly from Wordstream’s data collection. They have a nearly 25% open rate for email messages on Thursday mornings (which is quite good for general marketing emails).

Is Friday the best time to send marketing emails?

A 5 pm email campaign could be a great way to reach people if your company is a lifestyle brand. People are already transitioning from work into weekend mode, so this time of day might prove successful. You might also consider reaching people at the beginning of the day, between 8 and 9 AM, if your company isn’t a lifestyle brand.

Are Saturday and Sunday the best days to send marketing emails?

When it comes to email open rate and trends, Saturdays and Sundays are much like Fridays – except that they are more common. These days people like to check out from work, so messages that are business-related won’t get opened.

Weekends can also be a great time to reach out, just like Fridays. If your company offers something people enjoy as a hobby or event, then weekends could be a good time.

What is the best time and day to send your email marketing?

The best time to send out email newsletters is dependent on your research, data collection, optimization, and personal preference. If you are looking for a good place to start, Tuesdays, between 8 and 9 AM is the best time. You can get an average open rate for your email marketing campaign and something to compare with future A/B testing.

How to Find the Best Time and Day for Your Brand

Email marketing takes patience and diligence. Email marketing is a type of marketing that greatly benefits from tracking results on click-throughs and open rates.

No matter what day or time you begin your outreach emails, make sure to keep track of your results. This will allow you to analyze trends and identify opportunities to optimize your efforts. A small increase in open rate can make a big difference to your marketing results.

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